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What is Optical Dynamics?

Optical Dynamics long-distance illuminators combine specially engineered precision lenses with powerful LEDs to PROJECT a harmonized focused beam of pure light on your target. Optical Dynamics Light Projection Technology creates a tight, focusable column of pure harmonized light typically only found in the natural environment. The gin-clear beam optimizes your natural optical senses, providing you with the best light projection night vision possible. Optical Dynamics LIGHT PROJECTION TECHNOLOGY puts you in control. The adjustable focused beam of light is infinitely brighter, doesn't fade or disperse, and doesn't reflect back into your eyes. It is energy-efficient, safer and more effective than anything else on the market. Optical Dynamics long-distance illuminators are compact, lightweight and easy to handle, or mount onto a scope. See what you want to see - BETTER.

How will optical dynamics benefit me?

The Optical Dynamics illuminator is a multi-purpose tool. It can assist an array of people from utility workers in the dark of night repairing electric lines to being a home defense deterrent when an unwelcome guest tries to evade your home.

What is the difference between illuminators and flashlights?

Optical Dynamics uses a collimated lens system [CALS] which projects light in a single, collimated (circular) beam on the target whereas a regular flashlight splashes light in the direction of your target.

What does my illuminator come with?

Depending on the illuminator package you purchased will determine what specific items are included. See our products page to find what you purchased.

What kind of batteries does my illuminator take?

Optical Dynamics illuminators take two(2) CR123A batteries.