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About Us

Seeing things in high-definition is expected these days. Imagery from the big screen to the little screen in your pocket has become optimized for clarity and detail. Why not expect these same qualities in a handheld light?  That is exactly what we at Optical Dynamics have done. A few years ago we introduced the OD40 Illuminator powered by a powerful CREE LED channeled through the CALS lens system. This combination reveals crystal clear detail with unparalleled clarity—light nothing you’ve ever seen. Our development has not stopped with the OD40.  We’ve recently introduced the EXUDE Series of illuminators that build upon the same collimated lens technology that we introduced in the OD40.  We aren’t stopping there, either. The CALS system has many applications and we are working on broadening our reach and developing products that will perform in even more areas of your life. 

Follow us as we grow and see more clearly with Optical Dynamics.