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3 Advantages of Direct Projection Technology

1. No rings, dark spots or distracting, spilled light.

2. Far greater acquisition range and up-close detail.

Natural light wavelength will no spook game.



Long distance illuminator collimates light.

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Projection technology creates high definition circle of light.

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Infinitely brighter, does not fade or leave dark spots.

Illuminator vs. Flashlight

Direct Light Illuminator is 50% more effective

Illuminator Vs. Flashlight

The flashlight was invented well over a century ago, it was dubbed a “flash” light because the unreliable light source would flash on and off. By definition, a flashlight disperses light by reflecting it off a mirrored surface – a design that is flawed in that reflecting light is very inefficient. The fact is, a flashlight loses over 50% of its potential light-projecting performance through reflection.

Now, over a century after the invention of the flashlight, there is finally a device that projects light directly. The EXUDE™ Direct Illuminator from Optical Dynamics. It’s the un-flashlight!

EXUDE™ can save lives and enhance performance

EXUDE™ is a high-performance illuminator by Optical Dynamics that can potentially save lives in search and rescue missions. It's also an unmatched tool for professional investigators or inspectors who cannot afford to miss important details. Because of its utterly blinding brightness, EXUDE™ is also ideal for security purposes. EXUDE™ will aslo make life easier for you in your day-to-day activities, wherever you need to see distance or detail.

Four state-of-the-art lenses project a direct, powerful beam of pure, clean light

The revolutionary EXUDE™ illuminator features a patented Collimated Amplified Lens System (CALS), four state-of-the-art lenses to focus and project a direct beam of light, that is pure, clean and powerful. Unlike a flashlight, which disperses a wide cast of distorted light (which may be okay for a walk in the woods or down a dark hallway), the light from an EXUDE™ is a narrow beam of clean, intense, white light that lets you see tremendous detail up close and at great distances. Situations in which reflected light simply does not perform well.

3 Advantages of Direct Projection Technology

1. No rings, dark spots or distracting light spill. Reflected light is dirty because it is distorted by the impurities of the mirrored surface. That's why you commonly see rings and dark spots. Reflected light also spills far and wide, which is distracting. The direct light from an EXUDE™ has no impurities and does not spill, so there is more total light projected onto the subject.

2. Far greater target acquistition range and up-close detail. Direct light travels as a beam so it's concentrated on the subject and there is no spill to the sides to distract viewing. The direct light acquires a target at far greater range in amazing detail.

3. Natural light wavelength will not spook game. The direct light projected by EXUDE™ from Optical Dynamics is projected at its natural wavelength. This means it will not spook animals. Predator hunters have discovered this unique attribue which allows them to illuminate their hunt without having to use red or green filters for fear of alerting wary game.

EXUDE™ Light

Seeing things in high-definition is expected these days. Imagery from the big screen to the little screen in your pocket has become optimized for clarity and detail. Why not expect these same qualities in a handheld light?  That is exactly what we at Optical Dynamics have done. A few years ago we introduced the OD40 Illuminator powered by a powerful CREE LED channeled through the CALS lens system. This combination reveals crystal clear detail with unparalleled clarity—light nothing you’ve ever seen. Our development has not stopped with the OD40.  We’ve recently introduced the EXUDE Series of illuminators that build upon the same collimated lens technology that we introduced in the OD40.  We aren’t stopping there, either. The CALS system has many applications and we are working on broadening our reach and developing products that will perform in even more areas of your life. 

Follow us as we grow and see more clearly with Optical Dynamics.