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Exude OD50 Illuminator

No Rings. No Dark Spots. Just Light. Light gets projected without being reflected.
Exude Direct Light Illuminator


  • Max. Bean Distance: White - 500 yards
    Green - 250 yards
  • 3 Brightness Settings: Half click button operation
  • Peak Beam Intensity: White - Low 6,090cd., Medium 18,557cd., High 25,325cd. (candela)
    Green - Low 250cd., Medium 4,560cd., High 8,202cd. (candela
  • Run Time: White - 10 hours low power setting, 12 hours on medium, 15 hours on high
    Green - 11 hours low power setting, 13 hours on medium, 17 hours on high
  • Rechargeable Battery: (2) 26500 Lithiums via provided 110V charging block and USB cord
  • Battery Full Charge Time: 8 hours
  • Charger Adapter: DC 5V / 2.4A Output. UL/CE approved.
  • Focus: Hand Adjustable
  • Available Colors: White LED
    Green LED
  • IPX7 Rated: Waterproof and Submersible
  • ANSI Lumen Output*: White - 250
    Green - 232
  • LED: 4 Cluster CREE® XHP50 LED chips maximum lumen 2500
  • Included in the Package: Exude OD50 Illuminator.
    Charger adapter. USB cable.
    Micro fiber cloth.
    Foam-filled hardshell protection case.

*Everybody wants to know the Lumen value, but the 250 Lumen rating of an Exude Light is misleading. As used in reference to flashlights, lumen refers to the total amount of light radiated by the light. Because this measurement doesn't consider the focusing efficiency of a reflector, or the Direct Projection Technology as used in the Exude light, it does not indicate how "bright" the focused beam actually is. A flood lamp with a very wide dim appearing pattern can have the same lumen rating as a very tightly focused intensely bright spot lamp assembly. So, you need to see it to believe it. It's like there's a circular HD TV out there.

OD40 and Flashlight comparison on house
OD50 Product Group

Never Has There Been A Light Like This

The Exude OD50 Light is a high-performance extremely long distance handheld illuminator that projects a true collimated, focused beam of high definition LED light. Use them to easily identify objects and game animals up to 400 yards! It has mulitple uses such as law enforcement, search and rescue, ranching, and various industrial applications.

OD50 White lens vs. OD50 Green Lens

Animals Don't Flare From Exude Light

Exude Light was engineered to truly project visibly harmonized light without the use of reflectors or diffusers. This makes the light pure, clear, and so clean that the waves of light are unaltered. Game animals can look into the light without a negative reaction. It's proven that even a coyote doesn't spook from the white light of an Exude by Optical Dynamics. Just ask Steve Criner, host of Dog Soldier TV.



Flashlights use reflectors. An Exude Light does not have a reflector. It's the Un-Flashlight. Exude Light by Optical Dynamics from Umarex uses Direct Projection Technology (DPT), a patented photonics methodology that uses a Collimated Amplified Lens System. This system employs an arrangement of multiple lenses to capture, transmit, and focus the light emmisions. Exude Light creates a crisp, clean, clear, focused circle of light at long distance without using a reflector. The focused beam of light is infinitely brighter, doesn't fade or disperse, doesn't leave dark spots and doesn't reflect back into your eyes to negatively affect your vision. It gives your natural eyesight the ability to function at its best without adverse reaction to reflected light which allows a hunter to hunt more comfortable, achieve better target acquisition, and ultimately have a successful hunt. With the Exude OD40 you'll enjoy hour after hour of night hunting success.

You could call it a flashlight, but by definition, it's not. You might call it the Un-Flashlight. OD40 and Flashlight comparison chart
Exude OD50 Light

Hunting Lights for 100 Yards and More

Want a lighter, more compact option? CHeck out the Exude OD25 Illuminator designed for ranges up to 100 yards.

Or do you need an illuminator for greater distance? Then you'll want the Exude OD50. You can identify things out to 400 yards with it!

  Exude OD25 Optical Dynamics OD40 Exude OD40 Exude OD50 White Exude OD50 Green
  Exude OD25 OD40 Exude OD40 Exude OD50 - W Exude OD50 - G
Lens Diameter 25 mm 40 mm 40 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Beam Distance 100 yds 200 yds 235 yds 348 yds 198 yds
Beam Distance with Aid of Optic 173 yds 235 yds - 400 yds 250 yds
Field of View 31.5 ft @ 100 yds 34.5 ft @ 100 yds 34.5 ft @ 100 yds 19.16 ft @ 100 yds 19.16 ft @ 100 yds
Battery CR123A x2 CR123A x2 Rechargeable Rechargeable Recharbeable
Run Time 3 hrs. 15 min. - Low Setting 2 hrs. - Low Setting 12 hrs. - Low Setting 15 hrs. - Low Setting 17 hrs. - Low Setting
Max. LED Chip Output 1050 Lumens 1050 Lumens 1050 Lumens 2500 Lumens 2500 Lumens
ANSI Lumen Output 208 Lumens 86 Lumens 113 Lumens 250 Lumens 232 Lumens
Color White White White White White